I translate all forms of documentation including web pages.  They can be sent via email, or posted.
handle all types and sizes of texts and specialise in the following areas:


Manuals, Procedures, Specifications, Work Instructions, Drawings
All Quality related documentation
Health and Safety related documentation
Power generation and alternative energy 


General material.
Documents related to running an environmental system, procedures, reports etc.

Specifications, Work Instructions
Health and Safety related documentation
Property/Estate Agency

Marketing material
Display material
Travel and Tourism, Catering

Marketing material
Display material
Web Pages
Web pages related to any of the above or on general themes.
Other Information
I translate texts of any length, although a minimum charge may apply, and special arrangements might have to be made for particularly long texts.
You can rest assured that all information entrusted to me will be treated in the utmost confidence.
I have two modern windows based systems both of which I keep backed up so there is no danger of losing data or suffering delays due to equipment failure.
I also use up to date CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout a text and over related texts.